La Voz De Dios: Ang Tinig ng Maykapal



On October 4, the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi celebrated the feast day of the said saint. It was a grand celebration, in which everybody happily took part in. And as someone who actually participated in the whole event, I can say that one of my most favorite things during the whole celebration is the La Voz de Dios exhibit.

La Voz de Dios, or Ang Tinig ng Maykapal, is an exhibit prepared by the Parish of St. Francis of Assisi Fiesta Committee, the Committee on Church Cultural Heritage, and some members of the Parish Commission on Youth. It features the history of the sacred edifice, putting emphasis on the historic belfry and its bells. Never-before seen pictures were displayed, along with brief captions to inform people of what those pictures show. History buffs will surely love it!



The exhibit is open to everyone from Mondays-Fridays (8AM-5PM) and Saturdays-Sundays (7AM-8PM). It is located under the parish convent at Poblacion, Meycauayan City. For more information, you can contact the Parish Office through our Facebook page.


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